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Update 10/31: Stopping Perry Homes requires you to Vote!

Happy Halloween Elm Grove and Kingwood!

I wanted to give you my update from this week. And I think this update may affect much of the NorthPark Flooding long-term.

This week we have been in contact with Harris County Flood and with the TCEQ and have movement on both. Additionally, I submitted a request for a congressional inquiry to the Army Corp for a wetland’s violation. And all of this is in process.

I have had several of you come to me and ask questions on things that have been evaluated, so I want to give a bulleted history and recap as well as a report of where we are today, and if you will indulge me, I feel we are on the edge of good news, but some of our helpers are facing an election and I think that may screw us if the wrong people win. In fact, I’m very worried about it. I really don’t think it’s in our best interest to start from scratch with our councilman and I don’t think it’s in our best interest to have a mayor that has not been working and researching this problem from day one.

  • On 5/5 (Sunday) I emailed Dave Martin regarding the situation in Elm Grove on behalf of the Elm Grove HOA. Because of this letter I had both the City of Houston and Harris County Flood Control District at my house on the morning of 5/8. I think they would have come sooner but we flooded on Tuesday and it delayed them. I was very impressed with how seriously Dave Martin’s office took my email and how quickly they responded.
  • On 5/11 I met Bill King and he as well as Julie Green, Ladd Bremer, myself and all Elm Grove HOA members walked Taylor Gully. I explained the issues I had learned about the ownership issues and pointed out some of the issues with the gully.


Dave Martin and Bill King have not left Elm Grove’s side since this started in May. Now many of you keep saying, “What are we doing?” I want everyone to understand this, in as much as I have had to learn how all of this works, so have Dave and Bill because this situation has never existed. And although it has illuminated many deficiencies in the law, it didn’t change the fact that residents of Elm Grove and Kingwood at large were in grave danger. We all had to find ways to combat the big bully, Perry Homes.

Since May, Dave, Clarissa and Jessica, as well as Judge Hidalgo and Harris County Flood, have taken every one of my calls and emails with every one of my ideas of how to fix this.

I admit that in May, I thought we highlighted this and Perry Homes would surely take this seriously and fix it. Dave was not so hopeful and went on to talk to James Metts and Matt Keough, trying to get them on board with this.  And, he was trying to figure out where the cracks were so that we could make inroads to a resolution. And as for me, I just kept pushing to get the ditches turned over to HCFCD. In my naiveté of the situation, I figured get the ditches cleared out and bammo, problem solved. Yeah, not so much.


Then in Sept we had Imelda and it showed that not only had Perry Homes not fixed this, they made it worse, and I started to explore every avenue that we could to fix this problem permanently. I asked Bill King, Tony Buzzbee’s surrogate and Derrick Bronze how they would fix this problem, and only Bill King had an actual plan, which with some help from one of my residents that was at that meeting, started to help me see what we could do. This involved the ETJ. The city’s 5-mile border that reaches into MoCo, which is where this Perry Homes Woodridge Forest Property sits. Again, with Dave and Dave’s office, we figured out that this was not a route we could take because of the changes that were made to the annexation laws. Like Jessica told me, this path would take too long because it needed a vote.

At the same time, I started to evaluate if we can build a wall in Elm Grove. I had said to Edyth Cogdill right after Imelda that I would be putting cinder blocks along her property line to slow the water. And thus, my idea to build a wall was born. Build a wall in Elm Grove.

I had also heard the idea to file the cease for dumping as a way to leverage the laws in place to bring about a change, and although Dave is an accountant and not a lawyer, I applaud him for getting a democrat CoH on Kingwood’s side to even make the move to do this. As one person said to me, this is pretty unprecedented. Really, this whole thing is pretty unprecedented. And to his credit, Dave found a way to start some sort of legal action.

At the town hall, I was early and had a minute to talk to Dave and share with him that I had talked to KSA and we had punted around some ideas on what could be done. And one thing is to have the property donated. And as a wetland, there was a steep tax deduction that went along with that. East End Park was given to us the same way many years ago, and I let Dave know that KSA would be amenable because as it was pointed out to me, although Elm Grove was at the headwater, this was affecting all of Kingwood.

So, this is a very long way to say from the point I met with KSA and the possibility of that property being donated was put on the table, I have been forming a circle around that property that I hoped was putting pressure to resolve this by making it very expensive to continue.

I put out that list last week.

  1. TQEC Complaints for air and water
  2. USACE complaints for disturbed wetlands with an adjoined congressional inquiry through Dan Crenshaw’s office regarding the wetlands
  3. HCFCD for continued dumping into Taylor Gully
  4. Ongoing posts, videos, and pictures of Woodridge Forest and how undesirable it would be to buy a home

And then we have the City with the C/D

In the end, I would like to see one of two things happen, either the land be donated to KSA or sold to HCFCD, or a wall built along Elm Grove to protect it from the massive floodwaters that are inundating it. The plans that LJA signed off on do not include what is best for Elm Grove, and in my opinion, we were never considered. In talking with MoCo, they said the same; it was not required and therefore it was not done (even though it seems like common sense). Their only responsibility to us was to make sure the flow rate did not exceed the flow rate from the forest, and as we can see this is not happening. I think they have hit the water table and can’t make those ponds deep enough and the only solution is to give this back to Harris county/KSA and be done with it. Katie Britton says she wants her company to have integrity and to be a community leader which requires acting responsibly. If I was Katie Britton, I would put my money where my mouth was and donate this property, acting with the integrity she espouses in her PR videos. I would applaud her for making the right choice and feel it would be something that they could point to for years to come as doing business the right way. They could be the hero here and not the villain.

In the wind, I’ve got a feeling this is being considered. However, I worry that a change in leadership in the wrong direction will see all our hard work stall. I need people like Dave Martin, Bill King and even Sylvester Turner on my team; on Elm Groves team and on Kingwood’s Team. They have demonstrated their commitment to fixing the flooding in Kingwood. For me, who has been out talking to people, these are the people that have come to our aid and not given me lip service. So, for whatever it’s worth, I’m asking Kingwood to vote and to vote for Martin and vote for King or Turner. Anything less and I’m afraid we will have to start over, and I’m here to tell you, folks, we cannot afford to start over.

I will admit I’m excited that my two solutions, a wall or a buyout may be closer and closer to reality.






7 thoughts on “Update 10/31: Stopping Perry Homes requires you to Vote!”

  1. Thank you for all of the time and effort you have put into trying to fix the manmade problems that have devastates our community.

  2. I’m afraid all the response you are getting from Turner and Martin is only because of the election. Once that’s over, they will go back to same old ways and we again will be screwed by COH. Thanks for all you are doing to make Elm Grove better! 😘

    1. First all Thank You for everything you have done and continue to do. However, I do agree with Dawn. I believe that Turner and Martin are both reacting/acting because of the election. I really hope they both get replaced. What has been done in the past 4 years to help us? They both get caught in lies.

  3. Kingwood is not the only one being flooded. All of southeastern Montgomery County is too. We have been here 43 years and maybe had water in the street/parking a couple of times ( 1994 comes to mind ) but never all the wide spread flooding to homes and business. Our post office in Porter was flooded. Businesses on Loop 494 and Highway 59 had four feet of water in them. From what has been printed, is that Ben’s Branch hasn’t been cleaned out since 1990 and the city of Houston held some of the right-of-way and didn’t turn it over to the Harris County Flood Control District till after the May flooding. Somewhere between 5,000 to 7,000 Dump Truck loads will be pulled from one section by Harris County Flood Control. When you travel north from Humble on US 59 and across the river, you travel upward about 40 or 50 feet to go over Black Cat Ridge. Ben’s Branch crosses Black Cat Ridge and if it is half full of sand and instead of being 15 foot deep and is only 3 or 4 feet deep, you lose capacity. Ben’s Branch has been used to drain Highway 59 in Porter since it was built in the early 70’s as a 4 lane highway. It now has 4 lanes each way, plus another 3 lanes on each side as service roads. But Ben’s Branch has never been expanded to help move the added water even with it being almost three times the size. The next problem we have is the river is almost full of sand and it also has lost most of its capacity. Then according to the news reports, Lake Houston used to be 42′ deep but now is about half that. Sand has been flowing down the river for thousands of years and thinking you are going to place a dam on that river and everything is ok, well it didn’t work that way as the sand has filled everything up. Take your cereal bowl and place a cup of water in it. It holds a cup of water. Now take your cereal bowl and fill it 3/4 full of sand and see if it holds that cup of water. There were business that used to pull the sand out of the river for years ( the sand itself is used for many different things from drilling mud to make up ) and maybe slowed down the problem, but again from what I have seen, the state pulled these permits from these companies who were keeping the river clear of sand and now we are paying companies to clear the sand from the river. If this doesn’t get fixed and say HEB goes under water again, all of this part of the world will devalue by the billions. Just by counting the zip codes within a five mile area have close to 200,000 folks and this will hurt a lot of people.

    1. I agree that there are a lot of problems and as we have walked through there is a lot of crazy laws that allow this to happen. MoCo needs to get a handle on all this, but they wont becasue building means more tax dollars. And face it, who wants to tell people what they can do with ther own property.

      When I’m confronted with a problem I take the biggest ones first and then move to the next. Because I believe all these are related, you fix the 298-acre screw up first. I think that this is affecting elm grove in one way and i also think the water pouring down Woodridge Parkway is affecting Bens Branch. I get these things haven’t been cleaned since 1990 and all. And I am will aware of the COH right of way issues and had Harvey not happened and Northpark stayed dry, I might be willing to go down the rabbit hole of drains are too small, or people are plugging drains with lawn clippings, as many try to say. But the reality is you wiped out hundreds of acres of woods with no plan to handle the stormwater downstream.

      I know it seems like a no brainer and common sense would imply that it would be looked at but nope not at all. And in my opinion, its why builders are going to MoCo right now because they know the rules are lax, no one is checking on them and draining and strom water plans are not required if you elevate the property out of the flood zone. Now to me, that is the one law that if you change it would go a LONG way to fixing the entire problem long term. Just because you elevate something doesn’t mean its no longer a swamp.

      This site is for all the flooding issues in Kingwood. And I think at the moment Elm Grove is center stage. Fix that and then we go to the next problem.

      1. We need the MoCo Residents to get involved with the MoCo Council. I have written COH, HCFCD, County Officials for both Harris & MoCo. Because I live in Harris I was pleased to have heard back from several. I did not hear back from one MoCo official and I emailed them all at least 3 times. Rumor has it that the MoCo officials campaign pockets are lined with builder and developer contributions. If these MoCo communities would get together, I’d be happy to PROTEST in front of these guys offices. Mark Keough, James Metts, Mike Meador, Charlie Riley, James Noack, Jeff Johnson MoCo Engineer & Dan Wilds should all be getting their ears full of protests and Voted out. If there is a good guy in there, they need to stand up against the good ole boys lining their pockets and do what is right for the future of all people with regard to building, drainage, future water supply…. As the population grows, cities and counties have got to work together to ensure that as things grow, you aren’t allowing the new to overrun and destroy what has been there for years.

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