Recap 10/28 – What we are doing to Stop Perry Homes from Flooding Elm Grove

Good Morning Elm Grove

I wanted to give everyone a recap of what has transpired last week as well as to clarify a small point for everyone.

1. TCEQ The Elm Grove HOA filed multiple complaints some for water and some for air. Friday when I was out filming, i met the lady taking water samples for them and she told me that I was the complainant and she went over some of what was going on. She also told me that because I am the complainant, I can request the results of their findings and I will do so. Additionally, she let me know that there were also multiple complaints from May and I could do an FOIA request and will do that (as soon as I figure that one out).

Additionally, the Elm Grove HOA, via me,  has agreed to be a witness of the dust storm we experienced last Monday, and that is a separate department and complaint. It also seems to be new as well as the more serious /shrug

2. HCFCD The Elm Grove HOA made a complaint on Friday because it seems Perry Homes is dumping into the ditch and will make a complaint daily as long as there is silt and sand running into the gully.

3. We are compiling multiple pictures and drone footage that show violations of the C/D. Thank you Chris Betz for your time to help get this compiled as well as getting great footage. This is going to the CoH

4. The Elm Grove HOA has filed a complain the the USACE and we will be escalating that this morning as well.

I wanted to let you know that every action that I take I sign as a director of the EGVCA (HOA) and in doing so I am doing it on behalf of the 1500 families that live in Elm Grove. The people I’m contacting understand this and in fact, my new friend at the TCEQ told me that by doing it that way they understand that that is what I am doing.

I want Perry Homes to fix the problems for Elm Grove as fast as possible and I’m very concerned that I’ve not seen one attempt to do so in the last 2 weeks. They may be trying to wait out an election but rest assured that no matter who wins this election this will not stop. Our votes are needed more than #perryhomes money they are donating to politicians.

I also want everyone involved to know that the residents of Elm Grove will not stop trying to protect themselves from this threat and in fact we continue to gain support through all of Kingwood because many are starting to understand this is an ALL of kingwood problem and Elm Grove is just at the headwaters of it. This is putting people’s homes, financial security and in some cases, their lives in danger and people do not take too kindly to that.

We will continue to pursue every complaint possible and I ask anyone that has the photos we are requesting to add them to so that we have them in one place. Facebook is not public and it is hard for officials to get to these photos sometimes. We also will be adding a dedicated Youtube channel and I’ll get info out to anyone that wants to upload videos.

Everyone have a good week! And go ‘Stros!

*Note: I am putting this here so Perry Homes understands that we are going to vigorously pursue this and this is not a money grab on our part. We are not your personal retention pond and you got big balls even trying it. 

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