Stop STDs: The Reservoir Isn’t the Only Shallow Thing in Conroe

If you asked me in January 2019 my opinion of Montgomery County, I would have told you it’s a nice place. Still has the country feel,  I spend a lot of time in the Woodlands and well Lake Conroe might be the next stop in my journey. Maybe.

I’ve lived in Kingwood for more than half of my life now.  I remember life before the City of Houston and before Friendswood abandoned us. And I remember our valiant fight to stave off annexation, which included Carol Garner, wife of Houston Astro player/manager Phil Garner’s standing up and recounting the night her house caught fire and the Kingwood Volunteer fire department that came and saved her family and their memories.

Every time I hear about the kids of Summerwood high school embracing our schoolless Mustangs I get the same tears in my eye and lump in my throat as I do when I think of Carol Garner. I can still see her standing up in the Kingwood High School Auditorium, the same auditorium that is now under assault from the reservoir in Conroe.  Dr. Fagen,  also valiantly,  got up and told of our kids and the impact of sending 79,000 cfs, nearly rivaling Niagra Falls (84K cfs), into their homes and schools in the dark of night.  She was met by laughter, boos and scoffing.

Dan Huberty, who stood up for Kingwood last night also gave outstanding remarks that reminded the residents that surround the reservoir, that this body of water was constructed as just that, a reservoir and not a recreational facility. Of course, that too was met with boo’s from the residents that choose to buy land around a reservoir.

And to me the worst was Bob Rehak who mentioned the 13 Kingwood residents that had lost their lives because of this event only to be scoffed at loudly by a ginned crowd of misinformed 60 somethings that quite possibly were sold a bill of goods and though they bought lakefront property rather than what it is, a reservoir.

The understanding of this group was that we were interrupting their Lake life, all the while chastising us for pointing out that they were putting their 35 ft boats over our lives. They were insulted.  How dare we point out that maybe their lake is not the only thing shallow in Conroe. And I personally was told I was being uncivil by the guy in the middle after I commented that there was an endless stream of ignorant and ill-informed people coming to the mic. I think he was madder that I had pointed out that the kingwood people, myself included were held until the end and that they were not going in ‘order.’

This was what was left of the crowd when Kingwood was able to take the mic

I was assured by a friend that they had but I was one of the first kingwood people there, arriving @ 4:40 and was among the last to speak. Maybe it was the chaos of collecting these paper submissions forms and the people sorting them into piles in the lobby based on address had something to do with it. I should have taken pictures of that. Of course, setting up an electronic registration would have insured fairness. So either chaos was done to relegate Kingwood to the end of the line or maybe MoCo doesn’t have computers or the internet. Not sure. And maybe someone needs to warn Margaritaville of this.

In the three hours of listening to this nonsense pouring out of these people’s mouths,

  • I heard that Kingwood is killing the home values of people living on a reservoir, but no acknowledgment that our flooded homes were in far worse shape. The stigma of the flood will never leave these homes, whereas the lake will go back to the God management company as soon as the Lake Houston Gates are put in.
  • I heard that by not wanting water to be redirected into our homes, we were wasting water and not good conservationists
  • I heard that Kingwood was killing people’s dreams. In Kingwood, for some, they died, so their dreams also were killed as were those of their families.
  • I heard we were disturbing people’s retirement. And I personally pointed out that a retirement facility that had 8 feet of water in its downstairs and had people in wheelchairs in water were having their retirement also disturbed and they were 3 miles from Lake Houston.
  • Flooding is all the city of Houston’s fault and it all started in 1996. The red-shirted mob didn’t know they flooded us in Oct of 1994.
  • Our homes are all in a flood zone and if we were just smart enough to buy flood insurance. In a former life working for State Farm, a majority of these homes are in Zone X…not a flood zone.
  • That Kingwood floods all the time. Look you flooded with the lake lower. See see. Well, thank you, Perry Homes, because we now have a PR issue because of you. Don’t worry you will get as good as you give with that. Its gonna make it much harder to sell those houses in Flooded Woodridge Forest you seem hell-bent on a building. But I let the reservoir rubes know Conroe floods 77345 and Perry Homes floods 77339. Kingwood actually has 2 zipcodes.  Now before you, Kings Forest, Kingwood Lakes, and Barrington peep jump me, it seemed to me that these folks needed it kept simple as to not keep conflating facts.

 So who is behind this?

I genuinely don’t know the answer to that, but it seems to maybe be an upset person with a lot of real estate. Maybe its Jimmy Buffett, but doubtful. But it may be Margaritaville. But someone is ginning this up. Someone is funding buses and red shirts. Maybe it’s the guy who bought the pole props.   I challenge one of your guys with time on your hands to figure out who the George Soros of the Reservoir is.

But what I’m most dismayed with is,. Texas is an awesome place and what makes us awesome is our residents and how we help other Texans. The generosity of Houston is second to none. So to have people be so self-absorbed as to wish or bring harm to another Texan that knowingly can be avoided, as long as they are not inconvenienced to me is really upsetting.

Furthermore, Montgomery County, its elected officials and its residents seem to have a great disdain for Kingwood.  They have allowed a rogue builder in the form of Perry Homes to destroy my neighborhood and the homes of my friends and neighbors as they sit in their chairs and turn a blind eye to the numerous violations Perry Homes committed.  They have caused my residents to elevate their beds on cinder blocks so incase their homes flood at night they don’t drown in their beds. They send 600,000 gallons of water a minute into Kingwood without warning in the middle of the night so that by 5 in the morning the US coast guard had to rescue people off their roofs and we had boats going through Barrington in a fashion reminiscent of the final scene of Titanic as they were going through the debris looking and calling for survivors. It is abhorrent. And it should never exist in the United States, let alone Texas, let alone Houston

To the people of Barrington, Kingwood Lakes, Kings Forest, Kingwood Greens, Kings Crossing, Fosters Mill Kings Point and Riverchase I suggest you figure out how to get to the next meeting regardless of where it is. You will need to leave Kingwood around 3 pm to get to Conroe. Plan accordingly. You have one last chance to show up and make yourselves be heard. I have a big mouth but not big enough to dull 1,000 people. Take off work. Get baby sitters you have a month’s notice. And this may be the last notice you get before water again pours into your house in the dark of night. Writing a letter is not a substitute for a Sea of white in their home court. Just plan to be there period.

I hope the SJRA does the right thing and preserves life (not a life style) and stands with being overly cautious until the situation is improved. I pray the people that represent our side can endure the pressure. I hope Governor Abbot reminds these folks of their charter. And I hope Dan Patrick will do the right thing and choose life because that what it all comes down to.

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  1. It’s funny you mentioned George Soros! I said last night to the people around me that I was expecting him to pop out any minute! There is a large benefactor behind the expenses of the tour buses, shirts, tent & today I learned that they have put up “Stop The Drop” BILLBOARDS on Hwy 105 in Conroe!! Let’s be there on February 20th in numbers united to represent what’s right!

    1. You dummies live in a flood zone. You are going to flood. You are going to flood, you are going to flood…what part of that is so difficult to understand with y’all? You bought a home in low swamp land.
      Y’all keep repeating ignorant lies that Conroe causes your problem, I don’t know if it makes it feel better, but you dummies live in a flood zone!!! MOVE!!

      1. Actually, it is you that keeps parroting talking points. A majority of these houses were not in a flood zone. Ane so you are aware this is a redo of 1994. This is a man-made event from a man-made reservoir. Name-calling is always a tool for those who don’t have facts on their side.

      2. We most certainly do not live in a flood zone you dimwit… unless you are talking about when lake Conroe lets loose all of it’s water at once.

          1. Jerry go fuck yourself, next time your precious lake is about to flood over please keep all that for yourselves in Conroe, don’t open the flood gates to let it all down stream, then you’ll have real lake front property. Over privileged asshole. People lost their lives because of piss poor water management coming from lake Conroe, so why don’t you just shut your dam trap. Home that have been standing for 40-50 yrs in kingwood flooded for the first time ever because of the gates being let open and all the excess water coming to us in kingwood. “YA DIMWIT!!!”

      3. Our Area on Lake Houston Never flooded until Conroe released all the water it did at once you ignorant baboon Jerry. Our house is elevated 15 feet from lake level. Conroe’s release procedures is a big part of the problem and part of the solution. Maybe had they released in a managed way non of us would be talking about this. People NOT in the flood plain flooded you ignorant excuse for a human.

      4. No it’s not a flood zone I lived there 95-2015 there was NO FLOODING the only idiot is you. So step aside and STFU you have zero clue

      5. Jerry, the only ignorant person is you. The historical flood maps before Harvey indicate that most of Kingwood was NOT in a flood zone. FACT. Your hyperbolic (false) rhetoric- triggered much?

      6. Dude your an idiot, they never flooded til montgomery county allowed that contractor to destroy the retention area….. seriously man your mom should have swallowed, hope she learned !!

      7. Might I suggest to your dummy side, to do research. The people who flooded during the Lake Conroe dump, DID NOT LIVE IN A FLOOD PLAIN!
        Stop being a rude, arrogant moron. People not only lost their homes and schools, some actually lost their lives!

      8. ACTUALLY, it was NOT a flood zone until Lake Conroe let out massive amounts of water all at once in the dark of night in 1994, and then doubled that amount of release after Harvey in 2017. ACTUALLY, Harvey had passed over Kingwood, AND THEN we flooded only because Lake Conroe let out 79,000 cfs, such massive amounts of water that came down our river like Niagara Falls, ripping homes off their foundations that were along the sides of the river.

      9. I do NOT live in a flood zone. I purchased my home in March 2017 specifically because it was NOT in a flood zone. I asked my realtor, my insurance agent and my closing attorney if I should buy flood insurance just in case. All three said no.

        How dare you call us names. How dare you whine and cry that you MIGHT be a little inconvenienced twice a year by not being able to take your boat out onto what is NOT a recreational lake.

        I posit that YOU, sir, are the dummy for buying a home on a body of water without knowing that the water wasn’t put there for your use or enjoyment. I posit that you are extremely fortunate to EVER be allowed to use OUR drinking water for your recreational activities. I posit that you should look into that black pit of despair and inhumanity you call a soul and hope that there isn’t a God who could call you to account.

      10. Jerry,

        Ah the irony. I do not live in a flood zone. You, however, do not live on a recreational lake. You live on a reservoir. I did a lot of research before buying my home that assured me it had never and, most likely, would never flood. Did you do enough research to know that you didn’t buy a lakefront home with water rights?

        Someone is, indeed, a dummy. To find out who that is, look in a mirror.

    2. Wow, a little delusional are you. Making this political, when it’s simply about preserving a way of living, home values and a thriving economy. You will never see a storm like Harvey again in your lifetime. You are going to flood in kingwood. Most is in flood zone. So you want others to suffer because you were flooded. Lake Conroe is a water reservoir, never intended for flood management. Move because lowering or not you WILL flood again

      1. These clueless comments are pathetic since Harvey the area continues to flood especially areas that didn’t flood during Harvey i lived there 95-2015 with no flooding so you idiots should seriously shut up you’re clueless

  2. Don’t let the FACTS get in the way of a good story!

    Last nights meeting was nothing more then a dog and pony show! Dan Huberty stood there last night and THREATENED the SJRA Board that they must fall into lock step and vote to continue the lowering of Lake Conroe because they are ALL APPOINTEES of the Governor? What POS you are Dan Huberty. I guarantee you one thing, I would have put you in your place last night if I was a board member. A public official openly threading an appointed members of a board by the Governor, he needs to apologize to the board and step down from his position.

    Levels Saves Lives? How ridiculous were the guys that wore life jackets? One (1) person drowned in Kingwood and he was out of his home and returned later to try a save he pets. Any lost of life is tragic.

    But it is easier to blame Lake Conroe and SJRA when you should be directing your anger to the city of Houston. They are the MAJOR offender along with buying homes from builders, building in a swamp! Mayor Turner needs to release the reminding tax dollars from the flood control tax. It guess it is still easier to blame Lake Conroe and SJRA.

    The sooner you all realize that and address the real issues, then Kingwood MIGHT not flood ever time it rains. I know Kingwood residents that lived there in the 90’s and every time it would flood they would blame it on Lake Conroe.

    Let me ask you this one question, why is your property value and life style more important then my property value and life style on Lake Conroe???????

    1. Mark,

      Many of us were not in a flood prone area. My home was built 42 years ago and had never flooded. Ever. Myself and all of my neighbors (all aged 60-84) have always felt safe in our homes. Not anymore. About half simply abandoned their homes rather than go through the expense and heartache of rebuilding. Many of us, myself included, lost all of our photographs, scrapbooks, mementos of 7-9 decades of our lives.

      I agree that there are many measures that need to be taken to mitigate this situation. Many of them are slowed by political or government processes. As someone who retired first from the military and then from 30+ years of government service, I assure you that nothing happens quickly when those two factors exist. Don’t you think we, the residents of Kingwood, want those motivating factors to be put in place yesterday? Why are you Conroe people so cold and uncaring?

      Furthermore, as has been pointed out elsewhere, no one on Lake Conroe purchased a lakefront or lake view home with water rights. You have no rights to use the lake, to enjoy a lake view, to boat on it, or to swim in it. You may be allowed to, but it isn’t your lawful right.

      So any loss in the value of your property is as false as a gain would be if you advertised lake usage as a right in your real estate listing. You may own property on or near Lake Conroe, but you don’t own one drop of the water in it.

      Kingwood residents don’t want the seasonal lowering of Lake Conroe to occur any longer than necessary. So why keep attacking us personally? We should all be encouraging our politicians and civil servants to get off their collective butts and do what’s right for ALL of us. And we should all dig deeply and try to feel empathy for someone other than ourselves.

  3. You dummies live in a flood zone. You are going to flood. You are going to flood, you are going to flood…what part of that is so difficult to understand with y’all? You bought a home in low swamp land.
    Y’all keep repeating ignorant lies that Conroe causes your problem, I don’t know if it makes it feel better, but you dummies live in a flood zone!!! MOVE!!

  4. You dummies live in a flood zone. You are going to flood. You are going to flood, you are going to flood…what part of that is so difficult to understand with y’all? You bought a home in low swamp land.
    Y’all keep repeating ignorant lies that Conroe causes your problem, I don’t know if it makes it feel better, but you dummies live in a flood zone!!! MOVE!!

  5. Poor king wood. The storm you have a possibility of seeing again is like NEVER. SJRA is willing ruin an entire economy by lowering the lakes 3 times the suggested rate. What king wood you think you’re the only ppl who flooded during Harvey. Storm of a century. Lake Conroe is not for flood management. Was never intended for flood management. I’m sry you were flooded in an area that used to be swamp. You’re home values already suck , now you want to mess with mine. Lake Conroe needs to sue SJRA and anyone in favor of this ridiculous lowering policy.

    1. Reservoir Conroe was built as just a reservoir. We have had 2 incidences approximatley 25 yearsp in Kingwood where the release of water into our community from the reservoir to ours and the water backups at the gates of lake Houston when you guys release too much too fast. Lowering the lake is the compromise to help us until this could be remediated. What is sad is you continue to make this be about material things when for us this is all a matter of life and death, literally

      1. I think a compromise would be a great step to ease the tensions. This whole thing would go away if SJRA would lower both lakes while these projects go on. Also, regarding the 2 incidents where water was released and Kingwood flooded…Was it only water released from Lake Conroe? Did it not rain anywhere else? Please see slide 4 and 5 from the SJRA presentation. Kingwood is at the convergence of a very big watershed. The Lake Conroe portion is 14%.

        1. Both Lakes are lowered. And Mayor Turner has kept it that way even though it’s not technically supposed to be done that way because one is the primary for CoH. Again remember these are reservoirs.

          1. Yes, definitely agree these are reservoirs. And I was unaware there was an intentional lowering of Houston too. It looks to be 6 inches down. I think if that was the drop on Conroe, none of this would be happening. Either way, it should be promoted more to make feel like a compromise and that we are all working together.


    2. I’ve seen it said here that lake Conroe is not for food management, yet that ignores the fact that there are flood Gates there. It may not be designed for flood management, but it is USED for flood management. You simply cannot release the amount of water that got released during Harvey and expect it to go well.

      Further, we all know that we need gates on lake Houston and we’re doing our best to ensure that our elected officials put them in, but surely some of you folks eating pudding from a silver spoon have an idea what our mayor did to our fire Department. Your attitude indicates that you’d sooner watch your neighbor’s house burn than help them out.

      I’ll see you next month. I’ll bring the snack packs.

  6. The residents around Lake Conroe because, like those in Kingwood that are fighting for their homes and peace of mind, the people of Lake Conroe are as well. It’s not only about recreation, it’s the economy of the county that is dependent upon the lake. And if it was a reservoir they would have called it a reservoir, not a lake! The lake was built in the 70s. The dam has been opened before, have you asked yourselves why was this the first time it flooded? Maybe, just maybe look at all the developments that have removed the ground, actual dirt, and replaced it with concrete. If you flood once, you will flood again. It’s only a matter of time, regardless of what happens to the levels of Lake Conroe. It’s called “reclaimed wetlands”. That is where you live. Move, move far away from the 500 year flood plain. Then you will get your peace and comfort.

    1. It was built as a reservoir. I”m sorry your fell for the euphemism that calls it a lake. Its like when they call a nursing home a skilled nursing facility…euphemism. And again, you guys show yourselves as being ill informed. Harvey was the SECOND time we flooded because of HOW the water was released from Conroe. How much and how fast is a big delimiter here but apparently we don’t bright minds working the levers of the damn so it would seem.

      On thing I am most struck by is the lack of real understanding of what the problem actually is. Additionally as much as you admonishing us for needing to go after the City of Houston, it is actually the corrupt county commissions that are causing this problem in the big picture buy allowing rogue building and no enforcement. If you wanted to do something you would primary everyone of those county commissioners of yours. For shame allowing them to clear cut. For shame building Tavola on a variance and allowing it. On and on its goes. Again SJRA floods 77345 and has done so 2 times in the 35 years I’ve lived in Kingwood/Atascocita. The problems in 77339 are caused by the rogue builder Perry Homes who is gaining a reputation of working around the law rather than within it with the help of complacent and bought off elected officials. The people of Conroe can actually do something to help their cause and it doesn’t include harassing the SJRA board.

  7. Hi. I’d like to address some of your comments. As you can tell, I don’t live in Kingwood. I also, don’t live on Lake Conroe. Over here in West Houston, we flooded too. Buffalo Bayou water in people’s houses for weeks.

    And I will say up front, the temporary seasonal lowering should continue until all of the remediation is complete, and river system is studied scientifically. And right up front I’ll tell you that I believe there is no way on Earth the SJRA will stop this program regardless of how many people show up. I think this is what the people of Conroe are so upset about. The SJRA is now stacked with members who represent Kingwood. The people of Lake Conroe believe this. And while you may think they are shallow humans, there are people who have invested their life savings into a lake house, who now have a mud house.

    You mentioned in your letter that people of Lake Conroe said unkind things(I’m sure they did), but at the same time you label them an ignorant, selfish mob and call them STD’s. Unkind words are on both sides. It’s a sign of the times. People will say unbelievable things to each other over social media and it gets them riled up. Personally, I think this has gotten much, much worse in the past few years, but just saying this will generate hate replies. I pray for our nation that we find a way to turn this around.

    Also, both sides seem to have alternative facts. The people in Lake Conroe see the watershed map, hear the presentations and believe that this area represents 14% of the watershed for Lake Houston (Please see the SJRA presentation). Would Kingwood have flooded with or without the upper West Fork? Maybe? The people of Lake Conroe believe it probably does. The people of Kingwood have a much higher percentage contribution in mind, but I’m not sure where this number comes from. In your comment, “The red-shirted mob didn’t know they flooded us in Oct of 1994.” you seem to insinuate that is a giant wall of water to the north and seem to blame the residents of Lake Conroe personally for flooding in Kingwood. This us versus them is taking a toll on civility.

    As far as the funding is concerned, this is HOA money. It’s only a few thousand bucks to print up Tshirts and hire a bus or two. There is no sinister plot by George Soros or Jimmy Buffet.

  8. To Lake Conroe residents, please explain how a temporary reduction of your lake level will inconvenience you or reduce your home values. And how does it affect Conroe’s economy? Wouldn’t you have more peace of mind knowing that you helped people downstream by this temporary inconvenience? I would think the lake lowering would only happen a few times each year and after all, the lake refills when it rains, correct? I have friends that live on Lake Conroe and also have friends that had water over their roofs in Kingwood. I can’t imagine those friends in Conroe not wanting to help out those downstream. This battle between Conroe and Kingwood has gone far enough. Let’s have a little compassion and common sense and work out a viable compromise that works for all.

    1. I do have compassion. Lake Conroe has not filled back up. Bulkhead is meant to have equalized pressure from water. Now the water is away from bulkhead, it will have to be replaced or repaired. If bulkhead fails, erosion and sinkholes occur. If that happens, foundations are compromised. 2 plus feet of lower water does create economic loss. I could care less about boating. I am fine with temporary, it is becoming permanent now with waiting until gates that haven’t been funded or designed get completed. Anyone in construction knows it will take way more than 2 years. That is where Lake Conroe residents frustrations are, or should be. When looking at the numbers it appears not to make a huge difference with downstream flooding. I just engineers would be in charge of making this decision and not politicians. I also wish the anger and name calling would end. We are all neighbors.

  9. I appreciate your thoughtful comments here. I am not sure this is an HOA thing. I can’t figure out if its a citizen with a large tract of land or if Margaritaville is funding it via an HOA. As an HOA person, its not common to spend this level of funds on this type activity, including a billboard on 105.

    The real problem is with the rate at which water is released and how water is released. They are using this reservoir as upstream retention so the flow rate can be controlled, as well as storage, but you cannot release that much water with zero warnings at 1 am, into a community of 80,000 people. Even Barker/Addicks those folks were given warning.

    In 1994, they identified the rate at which water is released as the issue and said it would never be handled that way again because of the downstream impact. In Harvey, the rate was also a factor because they release water at a level on par with Niagara Falls, not hyperbole but fact and the rate it could go out of Lake Houston is far less and therefore it backups into kingwood, similar to 1994 but just more and faster. The reason we have never had issues since 1994 was because the situation was controlled based on the flow rate. It is the equivalent of water coming into a kitchen sink and has a partial drain clog. Water comes in but can’t get out. In Harvey, it was a high-pressure hose. But notice the 30,000 cfs # for 1994 and note the differences in rainfall rates. It appears someone at the SJRA panicked.

    The temp lowering of the lake is a compromise until a more permanent solution can be put in place. The remediation and repairs are being done with federal assistance whereas in 1994, we had no help or support and the solution was never to release as fast as they did so as to not back the water up into kingwood. Understanding the history of the problem removes the emotion, IMO

    As for my comments toward the residents, STD is their term, not mine (Stop The Drop). They are ill-informed and someone is whipping older folks up into a frenzy. In the end, the two communities should work together and instead it has become this.

    1. Beth,
      I appreciate your thoughtful comments as well. I can guarantee it is an HOA initiative, nothing more. And I think this where people are going nuts. Blaming Margaritaville, George Soros, or the SJRA turns it political and then it becomes ugly. “In the end, the two communities should work together”… Completely agree!!! Maybe it begins here. I know it does for me. Have a great day.

        1. Every one agrees the 1am release was devastating and they should of put out notifications that it could happen. The main point is a lot of lives could have been lost if they lost the dam. They controlled the release as long as they could. It was a historical event and lowering the lake will not make a difference if we have another one.

      1. I live on Lake Houston and lost one house and got 2.5’ of water in my residence. Lost all appliances in my home and my shed and articles too heavy to move upstairs; piano, entertainment center, couches, chairs and antiques. Took over a year to rebuild because of the wait time on flooring, cabinets and countertops. We had water up to the house in ‘94 but lost motors on boat dock and hot tub.
        Currently the lake level on Lake Houston is supposedly being held one foot lower than the 42.5 poor recognized by the COH. It was 1.5’ low before last nights rain. There is supposedly work being done on the dam which will last until October of this year. Then, there are 8 additional gates being added so we can release Conroe’s unwanted water and avoid future flooding. (Even though they don’t cause it). The additional gates project will last 3 years. So the lake will remain low for that period of time.
        Since the COH owns 2/3rds of Lake Conroe, they need to be patient and bite the bullet.
        They released their water at 1:00 am with no notice at a rate of, we’ll, everyone knows what the rate was…
        We in Huffman are very sorry they are somewhat low. We are too…. Personally, the hundreds of thousands of dollars it cost me weighs heavily on my empathy toward their concerns. I am not in the flood zone so I didn’t have insurance. The house that we lost was and we did have insurance on it…

  10. Just would like to make a statement about Texas Water Code section 11.086….” no person may divert or impound the natural flow of surface waters in the state of Texas in a manner that damages the property of another by the overflow of the water diverted or impounded .” Sounds pretty obvious to me !

  11. Very thoughtful comments Beth and Rob. Compassion, civility and compromise truly are the key. I pray that Kingwood and Conroe can come together with a workable solution for all.

    1. Dictionaries aren’t needed to address the issue of flooding. Regardless of whether it’s a lake that became a reservoir, it is now a flood control issue. Honest conversation must focus on how best to utilize all waterways and reservoirs in the most efficient manner to minimize flooding.

  12. Maureen Johnson

    Shame on you for this article. Shame on you. We need a workable solution for ALL involved. It’s easy to call names and sling mud on social media. Doesn’t help the situation at all.

  13. Seems from reading the information on the watershed and to root cause being the inability of Kake Houston to pass water out quickly that the real solution is to empty lake Houston and make it a retention pond. Water flows down hill and trying to hold a percentage of that in Conroe sounds great but the Kingwood area floods every time it rains due to water back up from Jake Houston. Until additional fates are added to drain Lake Houston faster it seems to me draining Lake Houston now solves all the problems no matter where the water comes from.

  14. I stayed until the end of the meeting. It is sad to see Texans turn so strongly against each other. I do wish 1) the sjra presentation included data that the flow from the release of the dam was much smaller than the upstream inflows into lake Conroe from such an impressive storm as Harvey. Thus, 2) many homes on lake Conroe, like downstream, also flooded. A friend of mine has the only lake home in her neighborhood that did not flood in Harvey. 3) Harvey did not discriminate. It was historic and flooded so many both upstream, downstream and throughout three states. 4) the belief that the currents downstream were 100% and solely lake Conroe’s fault is misguided. I have friends in Houston who live miles from a river or bayou who were rescued by power boats who struggled with vicious currents due to immense rain and water flows. Wild currents were all over the region. They had nothing to do with the dam or sjra. 5) my heart and sympathy goes out to all the downstream flood victims. I can relate. I live on lake Conroe for 25 years and I flooded in Harvey also. I can relate to the hardships. 6) please quit blaming me and my neighbors for wishing you I’ll will. We don’t. Our concerns are also as valid as yours and not superficial.

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